Dickies Men’s Perry Suspender

Dickies Men's Perry Suspendr

Dickies Men's Perry Suspender

Customer review: These suspenders were just what I needed. They attach to the belt and don’t clip directly on the pants material. They do come in various colors so I have them to match my shirts in black, blue, grey, tan, red and white. Eventually the suspender material stretches a bit so you have to move the slides up a bit.
A number of people have stopped me to ask where I got these.
They are an excllent investment.

Yep it’s true. No more taking of your suspenders at the airport security lines. These are great suspenders and the plastic clips realy hold up the pants. Plus my old suspenders tore up my leather car seats and these do not. All in all you can’t go wrong.

Price 10,99 (you save 27%, 4,01$)

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