Dickies Men’s 40mm Bridle With Double Row Stitch Belt

Dickies Men's 40Mm Bridle With Double Row Stitch Belt

Dickies Men's 40Mm Bridle With Double Row Stitch Belt

This 1.5 inch (40 mm) belt by Dickies is made of genuine leather and features a roller buckle. Features and Benefits: Antique nickel finish buckle Great look with jeans Extra width makes a great work belt Available in Black (with antique Nickel finish buckle) and Brown (with antique Brass finish buckle), in sizes 32-44.

Price 12,05$ – 15,00$

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” Was extremely smooth leather and was far above the cheap ones i buy in stores. 
Don’t understand why I have to order on line however when Dickie brand clothing sold at Wall Mart. Why not belts also?”

“Paying more for quality will always win out. After buying another brand based solely on price and seeing it deteriorate over a period of time, should give one thought, but it doesn’t. It really takes a while to see the difference in quality and hopefully will aid to make better choices later.”

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